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Conratualtions to Ms Cynthia  Eubank, Exectutive head teacher, a local resident of Grinling, and Gibbons and Lucas Vale Primary Schools, Deptford  who has been awarded  an OBE in the New Year’s  Honors List for services to Education.  Cynthia has given many years service in schools inspectorate.   This year has  been an excellent one with One hundred per cent of Grinling Gibbons students achieved Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths in the latest set of results, an outstanding result.

Ms Eubank, who has been teaching in the borough for more  than 40 years, said she  was pleased.   She said: “It’s such an honour. I was so surprised when I got the letter telling me I’d been  nominated – I had to have a little giggle about it.  “I never thought something like that would happen to me. It’s just  amazing and I’m very proud.

“The children, teachers and families, as well as my own family are proud too. It’s just a wonderful  endorsement of the work we do on a daily basis. “This award is not just for me. I didn’t go into teaching to win something like this. It’s a team effort and so while this is a personal thing, it’s also to do  with the whole community and it’s for all of us”

It’s easy to get completely absorbed by the imposing early 20th century Arts and Crafts St Hilda’s Church, but in this centenary of the start of the First World War, it’s poignant to focus attention on the simple Celtic cross war memorial at the corner of Courtrai Road. Unveiled in May 1920 by General Sir Ian Hamilton, it contains the names of 140 men and one woman who died in ‘the war to end all wars’.

In recent years, the Lewisham Local Studies and Archives Centre has been cataloguing all war memorials in the Borough, researching and compiling basic information relating to Lewisham’s war dead. Sources which may well have been consulted would have included the Commonwealth War Graves Commission records and the lesser known tomes, Soldiers Who Died in the Great War.

Looking briefly through the information received so far, our local war memorial contains names from 40 different regiments, the most common of which is 49 members of the London Regiment. The earliest known death is that of Sergeant Edward Ashton on 5 October 1914, the last is Sergeant Ernest Sewell, son of Shadrach and Sarah Sewell, of Dalrymple Road. At least two local servicemen, Private William Coffey and Private Murray Hamilton were killed on the first day of the Battle of the Somme. Private Hamilton was only 17 years old.

Unusually for a First World War war memorial, a woman’s name is included – Rosabelle Stanley. All we know about Rosabelle is that she was a Nursing sister.

Around 20 of the names on the memorial have no further details other than their names. Wouldn’t it be great if, all the missing information about these people could be found? The list below is of the names with incomplete entries on Lewisham War Memorials project web page:

Alfred A Adams
Cecil A Bond
Alan Cooke
Stanley End
Alfred Harrison
Oswald Hayward
Alfred S Heinig
Thomas J Hughes
Dennis Knight
M R Long
T Lovett
John H Marchant
Arthur F Morton
Robert N Pitman
Arthur Rogers
George Rush
Rosabelle Stanley
Frederick J Thompson
Edward Welton

Please help us find the missing information. Maybe you’re a descendent of one of these local people. Or perhaps you just want to sink your teeth into an interesting genealogy project for your GCSE, or add another feather to your bow if you’re a more seasoned family history researcher.

Send us your findings, not just about the names above but photographs for any of the people named on the war memorial, along with any further information. To link up with other interested people first get in touch at

Information and photographs received will be published on

Ed Green
2 February 2014


The full list of names on Crofton Park War Memorial, Brockley:

Alfred A Adams
S H Agate
Eustace Aldersley
R J Anderson Thompson
John Angus
Edward C Ashton
Ernest A Baker
John T Baker
Norman E Baldwin
Frederick R Barber
George R Barling
William H Beacham
George W A Bell
Reginald G Berridge
Percy J Bianchi
Cecil A Bond
Sydney T Bone
Ronald W Bone
Alfred J Boulton
Edward E Bratt
Walter F Brewster
Arthur G Brown
Donald M Burford
Alfred H Burley
Frank Burton
Harry Campbell
William B Cannon
Frank Clark
Wilfred M Coffey
Thomas Constable
Alan Cooke
Walter R Coombs
William T Craddock
Tom Crafter
James Crafter
Samuel Crockett
John Henry Dicks
Arthur W Dowley
Jack L Dunnett
Ernest E Ede
Richard G Ellis
Stanley End
Harold E England
Alfred W Ferris
Charles H Foreman
Robert E Foreman
Percy H Fuller
Charles W Gates
Mostyn B Gay
Albert V Gay
Harry Goldstone
Alfred G Griffiths
Ernest T Griffiths
Sydney C Griffiths
John H Hackett
Murray Hamilton
Wallace B Hamilton
Reginald A Harper
William A Harris
Alfred Harrison
Oswald Hayward
Arthur J Heath
Alfred S Heinig
William T Hemens
Frederick C Hobbs
Ernest G Hodges
John Holden
Arthur L Hooker
Stanley Howard
Thomas J Hughes
Edwin S Jenkins
William Jones
John E Keary
Bert Kendrick
Ernest Kiddle
Leonard Kirby
Brian G Kirby
William R Knight
Dennis Knight
Harry Landsbert
George W Langridge
Edgar T Lee
Edgar J Lester
Percy A Lester
Ralph D Lockwood
Charles H Long
M R Long
Frank Lord
Sydney Lovell
T Lovett
Stanley A Maffey
John H Marchant
Reginald A Mines
Richard N Morgan
Arthur F Morton
Frank W Papworth
Francis H I Pascoe
Colin Pithouse
Robert N Pitman
Sydney G Pittaway
Stanley J Purcell
John G  Rennie
Alec N Richardson
George A Rogers
Arthur Rogers
Leonard Ruffey
George Rush
Alexander Russell
Herbert J Sanders
Arthur Seppings
Ernest W Sewell
Thomas K Sherborne
Leslie V Shinn
Stanley G Shinn
Archibald J Simmons
Geo H Slatter
Frederick E Slatter
Reginald O P Smith
Frederick J Sowman
Leslie J Stanley
Rosabelle Stanley
G B Thompson
Frederick J Thompson
Henry (Harry) J Tippett
Cuthbert L Vining
Arthur W Walker
Albert Victor Wallace
Otto Wallis Stolzle
William M Ward
Alan F A Webber
George W Webster
Edward Welton
Walter R Westcott
Charles R Whitehead
Philip Whitehead
Harold Percy Whittaker
John H Wilks
Garnett A V Wilton
Vincent A Wood
Harold W Wood
Rawliegh W Wright

Newspaper cutting about the unveiling of St Hilda's War Memorial
Lewisham war memorial wiki website
Further details of the names on Crofton Park War Memorial
Commonwealth War Graves Commission


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Croftfest……Whats happening?


Childrens Easter treasure hunt- 12 o clock – 3pm (Starting at Pat-a-Cakes)- FREE entry 

Pat-a-Cakes- Easter cupcake decorating- 12pm- 5pm

Bryan and Keegan- Face painting- 12pm onwards 

The White Room- Fashion talk and book signing- 1pm, customize your denim- 2pm 

Crofton Park Library- Stalls 11pm- 4pm, book sale 9am- 5pm, charity raffle 

Star Café- Special milk shakes and an outside ice cream stand, charity jumble sale 

Crofton Park community Gardens-  Kids and adults gardening activites and Q/A’S- 12pm- 4pm (Behind train station) 

Emporia (Ewhurst Road)- 10% discount throughout day, Easter egg guessing competition 

Peter James the Butcher (Ewhurst Road)- Guess the weight of Peter James 

Hungry Horace (Ewhurst Road)- Selling baked Easter treats 

Arlo and Moe- Cadburys crème egg eating competition 7-12yrs 2pm, 12+yrs 2:15pm 

Jam Circus- Vintage market- 12pm- 6pm, Kids book reading 12pm and 3pm, live music 

Paraphernalia- Voucher giveaway, kids chocolate eggs, 15% off spring stock 

Budgens- Indian food stall 

Malaysian Deli- Celebrating their first birthday, loyalty card launch 

First Glance Hairdressers- Lucky dip, kids haircuts promotion and portraits