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Now that the weather is  fine, we all need to watch out for accessible and open windows - especialy those out of our own sight. Tidy away those ladders and make sure that they are locked in the tool shed.

Burglars have been taking bikes from easy-access sheds in front gardens. Check yours over now. Is it suitable? How good are the locks?

Fine weather brings out the scaffolding, which means that burglars can get in through higher storeys very easily. Check your window locks and don’t leave windows open – even just a little bit to air the room – when you go out while the scaffolding is up. Be careful at night also, even if you are in, and close all windows before going to bed.

Do you have a satnav? Do you store it away safely when not using the car? Be sure to wipe off any satnav sticker marks from your windscreen – if left, these can signal that there’s a satnav tucked away in the glove compartment.

If you have a high-end vehicle, be aware that it takes a thief just 50 seconds to cut through and steal your catalytic converter for its platinum content. Anyone who spots somebody acting suspiciously around the back of a car should dial 999 with a description of the individual. If the theft has already taken place, dial 101 to report it, so that the incident can be logged to build up the crime picture.

Now relax, and enjoy your Crofton Park Summer.

From  our Safer Neighbourhoods Team


by Cllr Pauline Morrison

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I am pleased to be writing this diary following our success in the local elections and returning three Labour Councillors – Cllr Roy Kennedy, Cllr Chris Barnham and myself, to represent Crofton Park Ward. We ran a very good campaign in Crofton Park, delivering many thousands of leaflets and walking many miles.  Our thanks go to all those who have supported us and to those who didn’t we promise to represent you effectively.
The Council is now fully functional although the large number of new members is quite a challenge. The good news is that most of the new intake is young so the future looks good for the Council.
The three of us have now had our positions on the Council confirmed:
•    I remain Chair of Stronger Safer Communities Select Committee
•    Chair of the Holocaust Memorial Committee
•    Lead member Reserve and Cadet Forces
•    Appointed as one of the borough representatives to the Fire Authority - although Boris is `    likely to abolish  borough representatives by Christmas

A well-attended Assembly was held on 21 June at St Saviours Church. The Neighbourhood Forum meeting – held in the first half of the Assembly discussed and agreed an amendment to  the constitution which enabled better communication with those who have an interest but do not live within the  ward boundaries.
The application goes to Mayor and Cabinet on 16 July for approval.
The Assembly also heard from consultants on the Local Improvement Plan and the Air Quality funding from the London Mayor. These funds will be combined so that we can have more streamlined plans.  Consultation is underway and outline plans will be displayed in the library and ideas and comments will be very welcome.  The Neighbourhood Forum will coordinate responses and integrate some of these into our Neighbourhood plan.
These processes can take up to two years but it will be well worth the wait.  It will be possible to bid for more money and extend improvements up to Honor Oak Park..
I am now working with HOP and Crofton Park traders to organize Croftfest on 20 September and hope that you will all come out and support it.
I continue to provide a CV service in the Library, Thursdays from 12 noon to 2pm, I continue to chair the Library Management Board and the Ackroyd management Committee. However, I have just resigned as a school governor after 29 years of service.
Next month’s diary will be produced by one of my colleagues (Roy or Chris) and we will be taking it in turns in the first half of each month to write a diary to help us keep in touch with you.
I hope you all enjoy the summer.
Best wishes

New plans have been submitted for this development  there  will be a public meeting at St Saviour's Church Thursday  14th August   7.30pm.

The new proposal can be viewed at Jay's supermarket  - ask a staff member  Or you can view  the proposal and plans on the lewisham planning Website form which it is also possible to send your own comments.

to see what the building will look like,  go to  'Documents' and  click to view  'Proposed Street Elevations'

DC/14/88077 Alternative Reference LE/10/437/TP Application Received Fri 20 Jun 2014 Address 437-439 BROCKLEY ROAD, LONDON, SE4 2PJ Proposal The construction of a three storey building on the site of 437-439 Brockley Road SE4, incorporating balconies and terraces, comprising 2 retail units on the ground floor, 2, three bedroom houses and 4 one bedroom and 3, two bedroom self-contained flats on the upper floors together with the provision of 22 bicycle spaces, a bin store and associated landscaping. Status Deposited (ie valid and registered) Appeal Status Deposited (ie valid and registered) Appeal Decision Not Available



by our own correspondent

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I thought I would write up my experience of the wonderful 8 days of the Brockley Max festival that has just finished this weekend. I went to something every day and also got involved in the organisation of it over the last 6 months and can honestly say that helping out on such a brilliant local community event has been very rewarding. I will certainly be wanting to help out again next year and would recommend anyone who is tempted to get involved as think towards the end of the summer it will be discussed again andthey are always looking for more people.

The opening night to kick-start the festival was on Friday 30 May and was in its usual place down by the Murals near Brockley station. The street outside the Barge pub gets closed for the day/evening and I helped in the morning/afternoon setting up the space for the event. Richard Swan, local music man extraordinaire, has always put together the line-up and this years was a brilliant showcase of local musical talent.

Luckily the weather held out and the rain stayed away, which always helps on these occasions. I missed the first hour but caught the end of Hummy Mummies which I would of certainly loved being part of when I had my children! Rather than sing nursery rhymes/children’s songs you get to sing adult songs covering all genres with babies/toddlers in tow. They certainly sounded very good. The highlights of the evening for me personally was the 13yr old saxophonist Sam Barnett-what a talent at such a young age! The Martini Encounter were another great act and The Hit Men were the penultimate band performing and got the now big crowd dancing away and then the headline band ‘ChainSka Massacre’ continued to delight the crowd and left the stage with chants for more. The atmosphere throughout the evening was brilliant and everyone was very friendly. Families, students, young and old were all there with many leaving the station and loving the sound of the music so deciding to stay around and soak up the entertainment.

I was selling raffle tickets during the evening and everyone was very happy to part with a few quid to support the festival. This was one of my main contributions towards the festival as I had gone round to the local businesses asking them if they were willing to donate vouchers etc. I had also organised the Auction of Promises at the end of March where over 60 businesses had donated prizes that were auctioned off during the evening and and the event had raised over £1700. I asked quite a number of the same businesses to donate again to the raffle and most of them were ‘Of course Jane, no problem’ which just shows what fantastic community minded supportive businesses we have in our area.

Speaking of businesses I want to mention our four major sponsors. These were Bryan & Keegan, Jam Circus, Gently Elephant and Brockley’s Rock. They all contributed significant amounts of money to make the festival possible. Again they did not hesitate to also give to the raffle and if you noticed Bryan & Keegan’s striking grey and bright green estate agent boards dotted around the area, helping  promote the festival.

On the first Saturday there were lots of things happening in the day and I managed to pop into a few. Good Jumble had their first sale in the Lewisham Arthouse and is a great business model of selling/buying good/designer/used clothes at affordable prices. I was also very interested in visiting the Artist Flea market at Dragonfly Place. It was a bit sparse but the stalls/artwork that were there were of high quality. Certainly the buildings were fascinating and the flats at the top appear to be fully occupied but the ground and first floor are currently being rented out as office/studio space at affordable rents and were very light with floor to ceiling windows.

I moved onto St Hilda’s church for ‘Afternoon Tea at the Opera’ This was always going to be one of my highlights of the festival as Louisa Barry, local mezzo soprano, had organised a few classical concerts at the undercroft of the church but I had never been able to go. I was not disappointed! We sat at the front of the church in front of the stage and proceeded to be mesmerised by the quality of the six singers, 2 men and 4 women. All the performances were amazing and Moira,the festival director and my husband are now planning which opera they should go to! This is exactly what a festival should do introduce you to something new and inspire you to pursue it further.

On the Sunday there looked an amazing film school workshop at the Misty Moon Galleries but I was already committed to doing other things but popped in again to the Dragonfly Place in the afternoon as was on raffle ticket duty.

Monday evening was another night I had highlighted was a ‘must see’ in the festival programme and again I was not disappointed. It was at the Brockley Social club and hosted by the Brockley Society. Local resident, Martin Rowson, cartoonist for the Guardian and other publications was giving an illustrated talk on the long history of satire. It was brilliantly delivered by Martin - witty, informative, political with lots of swearing thrown in. A great evening with over 70 people in attendance and certainly different to my normal Monday,watching TV.

On a Tuesday I now regularly do the Jam Circus quiz run by James. It is great fun and there are now established local ‘rival’ teams, our main ones being Jason, Colin and gang ‘The Lady Gardeners’ As it was billed as part of Brockley Max he had some special local rounds about the area, with history, pictures of bars/cafes/restaurants and the music round having local connections. There was a great atmosphere and nearly 70 people entered. We were runners up but the team that won also won the rollover jackpot so a grand total of £226! I have never seen anyone so excited and the 4 of them were delighted to put it mildly. A great night.

The Wednesday highlight for me was ‘Brockley More’ hosted at Jam Circus. The idea was that local people were to submit plays of five minutes or less for, by and about Brockley. The group then had professional actors turn their play into a performance on the night. They had lots of submissions and 17 plays were shown. I was committed to something earlier so only caught the last few plays but everyone said what a brilliant night it had been and it was really well attended. I sat and listened to the feedback session with Roz and Rebecca who had organised the whole thing and it is obvious there is a demand for more events like this in Brockley! Another excellent event.

Thursday was at Misty Moon Gallery ‘Sex…. With Peter Searles’ I really did not know what to expect but Peter soon put you at ease with his relaxed yet professional delivery. It was a very entertaining evening outlining the history of his sex life, at times in graphic detail! Misty Moon is a lovely intimate space for holding such an event. Peter is taking this set on tour to America so I wish him welI. I then walked up to Jam Circus to catch the last half hour set of ‘Mackenzie Bidgood’ 2 folk musicians who play Bluegrass and sea shanties. They had a good crowd watching and singing along was actively encouraged.

Friday night for me was always going to be ‘Brockleywood Nights’ again at Misty Moon. This has been a regular Brockley Max feature but I have never been to this film night before and so did not know what to expect. The lovely Declan organises/hosts the evening and local filmmakers are asked to submit short films ahead to then be shown.  The standard of performance was fantastic and my personal highlights were ‘Peggy Sue’ by Nazareth Jones who sang/rapped live to accompany the visual screen. Also Lucia Tambini’s ‘A Place for Us’ was a wonderful heart-warming 30 minute documentary on the residents of the Excalibur prefab estate and the fight to save their homes. This was followed by a 15 minute Q & A session with Lucia. The evening was very well attended with people spilling out of the gallery. I had then intended to hotfoot it over to the Wickham Arms to catch the Spanish band ‘Los Musicos’ but I was too tired but I later heard that it was a great night.

The final day of Brockley Max had arrived. Saturday was always going to be a really big,long day and if people remember the weather forecast had been dire with thundery rain at least all morning. The one thing I kept hold of that it was going to be warm. Helping set up the space at Hillyfields ,by the stone circle was fun and it all looked great by the time of opening at midday. The craft area was in a large marquee that had been hired and erected professionally early that morning. Also the music stage had been set up the night before but looked amazing when all decorated. The bar was provided by the lovely Jam Circus and food was from four wonderful traders – Van Dough(pizzas), Mean Green Food (vegetarian) Curry Cook House (Indian) and the German Sausage man. There was a large storytelling tent that had things going on throughout the afternoon, alternating between readings of Brenda’s Bottom a popular children’s story, written and published locally and Nimble Arts, a local arts and music group. Both proved very popular.

There was also the Brockley Knits with a tent where you could pop into to learn to knit/crochet and gave a friendly welcome to anyone who came along. In the far corner was the ‘Strings Club’ who were providing free violin, guitar and ukulele taster sessions which I believe were all fully booked. Brockley's Rock, who had sponsored the day, had a gazebo and were a popular destination for families as Kyri and family were handing out goodie bags and there was a paddling pool for children to catch plastic fish. Lastly and not least we had some gorgeous craft stalls surrounding the stone circle.    

My job throughout the afternoon was to sell raffle tickets which I always love doing on an occasion like this as get to chat to lots of people I know but also meet new people. Felix, of Rock School fame, did a fab job of promoting the raffle over the microphone and bigging up the prizes so most people were very happy to part with their money.

Early in the afternoon it soon became apparent that the sun was coming out and the rain was going to stay away which made for such a great occasion with everyone able to sit on the grass, deckchairs etc and let the kids run around whilst the adults could indulge in a pint of beer or cider if they so wished. The atmosphere was brilliant and it was very busy well up to the time we had to start packing up. Felix had arranged a fantastic line-up on the stage of music and performance from Montage theatre to the Ukulele group to some amazing young Rock school bands to the ever popular ‘Hit Men’ playing at the end. I think most people really enjoyed themselves at ‘Art in the Park’  as there was ‘something for everyone’.

After helping for a few hours packing everything away I went home to collapse for an hour before getting ready to go out again to the last event of the festival for me and most of the other Brockley Max helpers. The fab ‘Haven’t Stopped Dancing’ team had organised one of their 70’s/80’s discos at Prendergast school hall. I know this venue had put a few people off but I can honestly say I thought it was a great space and perfect to relive your school disco days. Brockley Brewery provided the bar for the evening  and the music was a lot of the old classics to get boogying on down to. For me it was a perfect way to finish the festival. Lots of people went from there down to the Ladywell Tavern to carry on dancing as there was a DJ but I went home happy but exhausted from the day/evening events.

So on Sunday I woke up and there was no Brockley Max! – it had finished. I had a ball and I hope anyone reading this also enjoyed whatever they attended and next year will go to even more events. I certainly didn’t get along to lots of things that were happening but feel did pretty well!

As I said at the beginning I loved being involved in the organisation and would recommend it to anyone. Moira Tate is the director of the festival and does an incredible job. Certain jobs are delegated to those who have the necessary skills and everyone pitches in when needed. A volunteer co-ordinator, Susie, was appointed and was very successful at recruiting volunteers who helped out on different days/nights and I think quite a few of them will want to get even more involved in the future. El (of El's Kitchen fame) took on the role of publicity officer leading up to/during the festival and was excellent and I think the social media campaign was very effective.

The festival certainly proved what talent exists in Brockley and what an amazing community we live in.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and feel inspired to get involved in the future

Jane x


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