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Croftfest……Whats happening?


Childrens Easter treasure hunt- 12 o clock – 3pm (Starting at Pat-a-Cakes)- FREE entry 

Pat-a-Cakes- Easter cupcake decorating- 12pm- 5pm

Bryan and Keegan- Face painting- 12pm onwards 

The White Room- Fashion talk and book signing- 1pm, customize your denim- 2pm 

Crofton Park Library- Stalls 11pm- 4pm, book sale 9am- 5pm, charity raffle 

Star Café- Special milk shakes and an outside ice cream stand, charity jumble sale 

Crofton Park community Gardens-  Kids and adults gardening activites and Q/A’S- 12pm- 4pm (Behind train station) 

Emporia (Ewhurst Road)- 10% discount throughout day, Easter egg guessing competition 

Peter James the Butcher (Ewhurst Road)- Guess the weight of Peter James 

Hungry Horace (Ewhurst Road)- Selling baked Easter treats 

Arlo and Moe- Cadburys crème egg eating competition 7-12yrs 2pm, 12+yrs 2:15pm 

Jam Circus- Vintage market- 12pm- 6pm, Kids book reading 12pm and 3pm, live music 

Paraphernalia- Voucher giveaway, kids chocolate eggs, 15% off spring stock 

Budgens- Indian food stall 

Malaysian Deli- Celebrating their first birthday, loyalty card launch 

First Glance Hairdressers- Lucky dip, kids haircuts promotion and portraits

A Neighbourhood Forum for Crofton Park Ward

Since January 2013 we have been developing the Crofton Park and Honor Oak Park Neighbourhood Forum. This was agreed unanimously by the Assembly Meeting on 13th November 2013 and we are currently registering the Forum with the Council, seeking agreement to establish a Neighbourhood Plan. The Council is now consulting across the Ward and surrounding areas for approval of both the Neighbourhood Forum and the Neighbourhood Area.

Why a Neighbourhood Forum?

Crofton Park and Honor Oak Park have recently had a number of significant planning applications, some of which have been extremely controversial. These not only affect immediate neighbours but have an impact on residents, small businesses and overall community cohesion. So far we have worked hard to involve the community when such applications arise but:
• having a Neighbourhood Forum will allow us to give a more united response to plans; and
• having a Neighbourhood Plan, which provides a blueprint for the types of development local people want to see, will give the community more say in decisions.

If we have a properly constituted Neighbourhood Plan, then with every new planning application the Council’s planning officers will be obliged to take the Forum’s views into account when making their final decisions.

The Forum aims to:
• improve communication throughout the Ward;
• unite people running smaller businesses, enabling them to have one voice;
• unite residents and tenants to enable them to have their say; and
• develop a Neighbourhood Plan for Crofton Park and Honor Oak Park.

The Forum will give residents of Crofton Park Ward a stronger voice and involvement in:
• planning applications with a major impact (such as those of major retailers);
• organising events on a ward-wide scale;
• proactively planning what we would like to see in Crofton Park and Honor Oak Park;
• strengthening the Ward Assembly through a stronger, ward-wide voice;
• bringing together residents and businesses to build community cohesion across the Ward;
• establishing is a strong voice to comment on big issues facing the Neighbourhood Area;
• influencing proposed developments and planning issues across the Ward;
• working together on traffic solutions to benefit pedestrians, cyclists and motorists;
• identifying and protecting buildings and open spaces of community value;
• bringing together people across the Ward, interested in improving local quality of life; and
• carrying out any other activities to the benefit of Crofton Park and Honor Oak Park.

Please express your support for the Neighbourhood Forum by contacting Brian Keegan, Lewisham Planning Department, Laurence House, Catford SE6 4RU.

Conratualtions to Ms Cynthia  Eubank, Exectutive head teacher, a local resident of Grinling, and Gibbons and Lucas Vale Primary Schools, Deptford  who has been awarded  an OBE in the New Year’s  Honors List for services to Education.  Cynthia has given many years service in schools inspectorate.   This year has  been an excellent one with One hundred per cent of Grinling Gibbons students achieved Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths in the latest set of results, an outstanding result.

Ms Eubank, who has been teaching in the borough for more  than 40 years, said she  was pleased.   She said: “It’s such an honour. I was so surprised when I got the letter telling me I’d been  nominated – I had to have a little giggle about it.  “I never thought something like that would happen to me. It’s just  amazing and I’m very proud.

“The children, teachers and families, as well as my own family are proud too. It’s just a wonderful  endorsement of the work we do on a daily basis. “This award is not just for me. I didn’t go into teaching to win something like this. It’s a team effort and so while this is a personal thing, it’s also to do  with the whole community and it’s for all of us”

Time Bank is starting on Our Ward right now - and all are  invited to join.

Drop in 3.30-6.30pm  Wednesdays   at 'The Old Church Warden's Vestry @ St Hildas Undercroft, Brockley Road

Time banking encourages people to share their skills and knowledge with other local people to build stronger communities.  Members earn credits by giving practical help and support to their neighbours and spend these credits receiving help and support for themselves.  Anyone can join a Time bank and every ones time is valued equally.  One hour = one time credit.

Find out more and get involved by popping into the weekly drop-in.  The drop in takes place from 3.30-6.30pm, every Wednesday at St Hilda’s 'Old Church Wardens Vestry', Brockley SE23 1PL.  Play a board game or just have a drink and a chat with other members.

To find out more about Lewisham Local Time Banks visit